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STRATEGIC designs, implements and manages personal retirement plans that allow you to secure your retirement income regardless of stock market volatility. Through careful observation and analysis of today's financial environment, and application of this knowledge to your individual needs, STRATEGIC will design a personal retirement plan to meet your expected retirement income with a high degree of certainty.


We’re so deep in debt that we’ll never find our way out

By Bronwyn Eyre, Postmedia News 

As published in Vancouver Sun on July 21, 2010 

During a recent holiday break, I kept coming upon magazine and newspaper horror stories about debt. Debt …

The rise of fee-based advice

By Jade Hemeon
Article published in National Post

The changing demographics of the Canadian population will drive the trend toward fee-based financial planning solutions and away from commission-based product transactions, says Connie Stefankiewicz, senior vice-president and managing director at BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.

Speaking at a recent Toronto conference …

Switch to ‘low fat’ funds, consumer advocate advises

Michael Kane (mkane@png.canwest.com)
Vancouver Sun Published: Thursday, January 31, 2008…

Despite recovery signals, deflation more likely than inflation

By David Pett
As published in Excess Capacity, June 2009

Rallying equities, rising commodities and soaring bon yields have investors feeling scared …

Big Investors Fear Deflation

By Gregory Zuckerman
As published in The Wall Street Journal…

China’s yuan shift: Is it really a game-changer?

By David Rosenberg…